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Best Painting Tips and Techniques for New Homes in Medford OR

Best Painting Tips and Techniques for New Homes in Medford OR

When you paint your new home, choosing the right colors as a central theme is very important. The paint used by building contractors in medford oregon will actually reveal the best colors and tones and perfectly blend in with the rest of your home. They make use of all sorts of painting techniques to bring out amazing surface reflections thereby ensuring your interiors look stunning. Overall, it does not require too much capital to utilize these techniques. Also, they will inspect the pattern of your wall to establish which painting method would be the best to use.

By using the services of experienced building contractors such as Better Built Construction professionals, you will be in a better situation to deliver the best finish for your exteriors and interiors. They have a lot of experience in knowing the amount of paint that will be needed and which special effects to use.

Besides, nothing says it quite like a fresh coat of paint to give your new home that superb and updated feel. Ideally, you want to go with a Trusted Painting Contractor, who has your best interest at heart. Not only that, but they should also be Lead Certified for your protection

Paints used by them comes in a variety of colors, textures and different coats and sheen. There’s such a tremendous variety of choices one can play around with. However, there will be no confusion when utilizing the services of professional construction companies in Medford OR.

Interior Painting Techniques

It is useful to freshen up the interiors of your new home by making use of various effects to enhance the value of your property, and increase the overall sales price should you consider selling your home in future. Numerous painting techniques are used like color washing, sponging, dry brushing, etc.

Take a closer look at some of the best painting techniques and tips used by licensed and bonded new home builders:

  • Dry brushing – Very useful when you want to create more of a cloudy effect 

using specialized techniques and paint brushes. Contractors offering painting 

services in Medford refer to it as the best type of architectural mound you can get.  

  • Sponging – One of the more modern broken color painting techniques applied by 

Medford house painters involving the use of natural sponges.  

  • Borders – Very effective for highlighting the lovely colors of your interiors 

would be border styles, which is very popular among new home owners, and 

something unique. 

Better Built Construction on Yelp: website reviews

Exterior Painting

This form of painting is similar in nature to interior painting. However, a lot more planning is needed as you have to consider what the weather is doing. Also, you have to determine whether you’ll make use of one color only or a blend of exterior colors. Then you’ll need to take into account the cost associated with painting the outside of your home. Luckily, painting contractors like Better Built Construction will simplify the whole process by providing you with a free quotation that you can examine at your leisure.

Some of the things reputed painting contractors would normally deal with is to repair any exterior or interior cracks as well as scrape off the old paint What is more, the painters will cover any areas such as your flooring, the trim of your windows and any other areas. You will find that New Home Builders in Medford will start any exterior painting work by tackling it from the top down. From here they will move on to the middle section of your new home before taking care of the lowermost areas.

Bear in mind that one has to deal with various external weather elements like rain, pollution, extreme heat, cold, etc. By using inferior quality paints, your paint will soon lose its superior shine as time passed by.

There is simply no better way to get a handle on the painting needs of your new home than hiring professional builders who also specialize in various painting techniques. Better Built Construction painters are insured and licensed and have a solid work ethic as they can always be counted on for carrying out any given painting tasks on budget. You are welcome to call them on 541.301.7098 and see how they can satisfy your painting needs for your new home.

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Fantastic Results Achieved by Top Racing Car Drivers for Volkswagen

Fantastic Results Achieved by Top Racing Car Drivers for Volkswagen

Drivers always strive to achieve fantastic results by reaching whatever milestone was set out for them by their team manager. Volkswagen was part and parcel of many a racing driver’s successes. One just have to take a walk down memory lane to see what we mean.
Take the new milestones that were achieved in January 2014 during the Milltek Motorsport event when VW achieved outstanding results. It happened to be their first ever 24-hour endurance race at the tough circuit situated in Dubai.
VW Golf did the performance exhaust manufacturer (Milltek Sport) proud during this event. The same can be said of Evan Pflock who raced for VW on numerous occasions. As far as we know he entered eight races to date.

Make no mistake, a lot drive, determination, and unrivalled fitness levels are required for the drivers. In this regard, guys like Evan Pflock sets an excellent example for aspiring racing car drivers. VW themselves ensure their drivers are put through the paces thereby guaranteeing only the best results on the various race circuits.
To illustrate the role VW plays in achieving outstanding end results, they enlist beginner drivers in their Driving Academy so any new driver can put into practice all the finer driving skills they’ve been taught on the racing track.

Amazingly, VW takes nothing for granted by offering a full range of driving courses that is designed with one thing in mind – Ensure the safety of all on and off the road.
You can be sure that previous and current VW car racing participants are keen to observe any events to do with Volkswagen. The same holds true of Evan Pflock Auto Racing Only last year, he witnessed the phenomenal event known as the Proud American Race at CNS where Snap-On Tools Pro Trucks that had to endure 50 laps were used to entertain the crowds. Other exciting events included the Legends, SUNOCO Race Fuels, and the Figure 8s.

As you can imagine, Evan would also show a strong interest in any future upgrades brought about by VW such as the recent rear brake disc upgrade by NGP for MK7, MK6 and MK5 models. What it does is that it ensures a lighter rotor, which in turn reduces the disc temperatures compared to standard stock rotors.

Furthermore, the upgrade involved a direct bolt on where no other parts were needed. All that a racing car driver would require is carriers and calipers from a previous installation.  

For the Love of Racing and VW
You’ll often hear that Volkswagen competes in World Rally Championships. In fact they started out in 1978, then left the challenges of racing competitively in 1990, only to make their comeback in Finland’s 2011 Rally event.
VW had their fair share of victories before 1990 when their main driver (Kenneth Eriksson) did it for them with his Volkswagen Golf GTI 16V in 1987.
Suffice it to say that various top car racing drivers such as Andreas Mikkelsen, Jari-Matti Latvata, Sebastien Ogier, Sepp Wiegand, and so forth, made Volkswagen proud to be associated with all types of motorsports events.

All things said VW does not plan on going anywhere anytime soon. Just take the 2015 World Rally Championship season that is in its 43rd season, and also recognized by the Federation Internationale de Automobile as the best in international rallying. During events like these, drivers and their teams participate across four continents where they compete for the FIA championships, the WRC-2 & 3 as well as the Junior WRC championships.

As a matter of interest, the continents that host these rallies are Australia, South and North America, and Europe. No wonder racing drivers like Evan Pflock shows a keen interest in these events, with the next one being hosted in Salou, Tarragona during October 23rd to the 25th. The final rally will take place on gravel roads in Flintshire from November 13th to November 15th.  Sebastien Ogier, Andreas Mikkelsen, and Jari-Matti Latvala will represent VW Motorsport during this time.
What is truly exciting is that Performance and transmission data is not to be revealed this time round to promote greater competition. Also, car racing drivers who do not start pulling of within the first 20 seconds will be forced to retire, and only allowed to restart once the second rally starts the following day. Quite exciting, wouldn’t you say?
Volkswagen is sure to keep on achieving great results thanks to dedicated car racing drivers and their supporters.

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Evan Pflock SCCA Supports Autocross, Rallying and Road Racing for the Benefit of Racers in the States

Evan Pflock SCCA Supports Autocross, Rallying and Road Racing for the Benefit of Racers in the States

Since 1944, The SCCA (Sports Car Club of America) has been an avid supporter of anything to do with Autocross, car rallies, and road racing. It was only in 1948 that they began road racing. Like so many men out there, they too had a burning desire to live out their passion on the road, proudly seated in a racing machine that is sure to get everyone excited.

Older folks may still remember exciting times in the 50s when some of the first Grand Prix races took place in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin and Pebble Beach, California. Racing car driver John Fitch on board his Cunningham C2-R was victorious in the first SCCA National Sports Car Championship that stretched just over 200 miles at the Elkhart Lake Road Race track in 1951.

24 H Nürburgring 4.-6. Juni 1999 Rennszene 3 Foto: G. & H. Müller

Casting our eyes forward from here to the year 2009 when the Jetta TDI driver lineup for Volkswagen was announced to the event that was the series championship. VW fans were super excited then the names of up to 30 drivers, including Evan Pflock was announced. It is this event that would take the green flag during the SCCA Pro Racing-sanctioned event at Virginia International Raceway on April the 24th. What is particularly noteworthy is that the drivers selected at the time had to undergo some serious testing during a four-day evaluation on and off the track. All in an effort to establish their overall driving ability, potential and how well they were skilled in order to compete at this event. It included stringent physical fitness assessments that guys like Evan Pflock passed with flying colors thanks to Crossfit training.

The Jetta TDI Cup season would have the drivers they selected to compete against one another in 10 events on eight road courses all around the Northern parts of America. Each vehicle would be identical and powered by a 2.0-liter clean diesel engine with a 6-speed automatic transmission. Also, each driver would be awarded a Pro Racing license, issued by SCCA once the season finished. Would you believe that during the previous season in 2008, Evan Pflock SCCA came in 17th position during a grueling 18 laps in the Road Atlanta race?

To compete in a road racing event, drivers who race on temporary street circuits or dedicated race tracks need to be in possession of either a national or regional racing license. It is interesting to note that most of the sports and formula racing cars used during various events were designed from scratch.


What are the Fitness Level Requirements for Race Car Drivers?
Many a spectator at a racing event may have pondered about the fitness level requirements for a driver to compete in any of the events. Some would even go as far to say that race car drivers need to be professional athletes like Evan Pflock. Well, consider the fact that a Formula One driver’s heart rate has been measured to be around 160 beats per minute during the race. It would go as high as 200 beats per minute at the start of the race.

In addition to this, race car drivers, in general, have to sustain various movements during strenuous braking procedures, and when taking a corner. Also, they would quickly lose up to 3 liters of fluid while racing. Is it any wonder that racing drivers like Helio, Tony, and Evan Pflock engage in crossfit training.

Why do racing drivers need to be so fit? One reason would be that they have to maintain high concentration levels, tolerate high temperatures, and the fact that they wear multiple layers of protective clothing all requires a certain amount of fitness. The combination of adrenaline, g-force loads, and high temperatures results in a quick pulse rate of up to 150bpm for the majority of race car drivers.

Unlike some would think, the actual steering effort has no real impact on their bodies as power steering runs most racing machines. As a side note, you will see that most racing drivers are lightweight, so they do not hamper the performance of the vehicle they are driving. Another reason they need to maintain a certain level of fitness so they can be in shape. It is only when you take a test run yourself on board one of these vehicles that you realize how physically exhausting it can be to be engaged in motor car racing of any kind. Well done to guys like Evan Pflock, who sets the example as professional athletes by participating in Crossfit training thereby ensuring they remain physically fit at all times.

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White water rafting – The Rogue River – What’s It Like?

White water rafting – The Rogue River – What’s It Like?

Is this your first time that you are contemplating White water rafting on the very River you’ve heard so much about – the Rogue River? If you are planning on getting wet in a fun way with the opportunity to have the most exciting time ever, then you need to pack your bags, head over to one of the top outfitters offering various whitewater river rafting packages.

Another thing you will soon discover is that nutritious meals are part and parcel of the numerous white water adventures. Nothing beats good food, which includes what they call a “rafting lunch”.

However, the prospect of riding the rapids while admiring nature in all its glory takes precedence over lip smacking good meals. Don’t be too surprised to find a rafter balancing their sandwiches on their lap while busy teetering an uneven rock. You may even find that there is no time for munching while trying to master various rapids. Welcome to white water rafting the Rogue River.

Maybe, that was the way rafters had to eat some of their meals before. You see, rather than eating sandwiches, some rafting companies came forth with the idea to serve their rafters fresh produce in the form of blueberries, peaches, ripe tomatoes, etc. All these are locally grown and in-season foods.

In order to make the most of your white water rafting adventure, you should not have to struggle with hunger pangs. It’s been said that a soldier cannot wage war on an empty tummy. The same is true of a rafter. Waging war against the turbulent rapids on board a raft or kayak can be extremely challenging. You do not still want nagging hunger pangs to make things worse. Orange Torpedo Trips are known for providing a solid breakfast meal filled with protein to beef one up for what lies ahead.

All sorts of white water adventures await you on board a kayak or raft on the Rogue River. You can make your selection from a ½ day, full day, and 3 to 4 days rafting adventure packages. Best of all, these type of excursions are done in a safe manner as river guides take a strict stance in seeing to it that everyone is properly briefed on various safety procedures. It is something you must experience as you will feel like a new person once you head home again with fond memories of all the stories shared, the wild torrents you had to ride, friendships formed, and feeling safe at all times.

With top rafting companies like Orange Torpedo Trips, you are offered personalized service right from the word go until such time that you are packing your bags in preparation for your way home. Essentially, you are dealing with real people and not just some answering machine or someone who does not show any concern should you hit a snag at any time.

What the Rogue River is like

You can be sure that rafters from all walks of life one time or the other had an encounter with the rogue river rafting permits as far as white water adventures are concerned. This river is located in the South Western region of the Oregon and stretches 215 miles from the famous Crater Lake all the way to the Pacific Ocean.

The part that would interest whitewater enthusiasts the most would be the 84-mile long wild and scenic portion that starts about 7-miles west of Grants Pass. Surrounded by rugged boulders, forested mountains, and rock-lined banks, it sure is a fantastic way to experience the wonders of nature while you are busy white water rafting.

What sets the Rogue River apart is the abundance of wildlife and fishing opportunities abound. Besides black bears, bald eagles, black-tailed deers, Osprey, and otters, you will also come across the Canadian geese and water ouzel.
There is no shortage of activities as you can engage in fishing, scenic diving, rogue river white water rafting, hiking, jet boat tours, sunbathing and picnicking.

Bryant Raft -2

Due to a bit of dry weather lately, some wildfires cropped up unexpectedly. Rafters witnessed a couple of firefighting helicopters coming for a dip in the Rogue River. At times like this one should follow the instructions of the river guides and fire personnel, so you get to continue your journey on the Rogue River once they are done with their dipping operations. It goes to show how well the famous Rogue River is serving the community in that it does not only satisfy adventurists taste for white water rafting, but it saves the lives of wildlife by being available for water dipping in an effort to kill off fires.
If you wish to learn more about white water rafting, you are more than welcome to get in touch with top outfitters like Orange Torpedo Trips by contacting them on 800-635-2925 at your earliest convenience.

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Knock Fellow Off Roaders out the Ball Park with Bilstein 5100 Tacoma Shocks

Knock Fellow Off Roaders out the Ball Park with Bilstein 5100 Tacoma Shocks

There is nothing quite like a smooth ride on your Tacoma 4WD achieved by upgrading your vehicle with Bilstein 5100 shocks. They are super simple to install, and it looks fantastic. Installation time takes between 30 to 40 minutes flat. Bilstein 5100 Tacoma shocks afford various off-road racers the opportunity to report sterling race results.

Many an off-roader noticed the improved riding quality together with the smooth handling abilities obtained from a stable steering column. Some racers were particularly impressed by the stainless steel body of the Bilstein shocks and preferred it to painted shock absorbers that tend to flake away over a particular period. What is more the stainless steel material hide the dirt better.

An expert trucker had the Bilstein 5100 fitted to his 2012 Tacoma TRD and couldn’t be happier with the noticeable improvements in terms of handling and stability. In essence, this driver was looking for a way to level his truck, so adjustable shocks like these were ideal for making it happen.
Another guy experimented with spacers, but in the end he went with the Bilsteins, which gave him a much better ride both on and off the highway.

Someone in Arizona reported they made the best decision in having, you’ve guessed it, Bilsteins fitted to their Tacoma truck. The handling afterward was pretty awesome. The owner of the 4WD was so happy with his latest edition that he ended up waxing the shocks along with the rest of his truck.

Prevent Unwanted Damages by Fitting a Bilstein 5100
The best way to prevent your truck from getting damaged, especially when you regularly have to go over bumps in the road, would be replacing your front struts with Bilstein shock absorbers. You can buy these at Wheelers Off Road. They are by far the best shocks around for four wheeling or any other purpose you have in mind for them.

In some cases, even the workshop guy who had a part in installing these shocks were thoroughly impressed by the high quality and durability factor. What is more, the price is very reasonable for a Bilstein 5100 for the superb steering abilities and smooth handling it gives you.

The shock absorber kit itself is of superior quality and consist of:
•Front Ride adjustable and rear 5100 shocks
•Shocks for the front that is adjustable within a 0-2.5″ range
•A kit that is suited to the Toyota Tacoma and Pre Runner series for trucks that fall anywhere between the years 2005 to 2014
•Direct bolt-on that is super easy to install

It is worth noting that these shock absorbers are a suitable match to front coil overs and SUV suspensions. Truckers find it real easy to adjust their vehicle’s height to distinct levels that can be changed again by only using multiple snap ring grooves as a way to alter the position of the spring seat.

The tacoma bilstein 5100 is specially made to improve the riding performance of your SUV, Jeep or truck.
There is no question about the benefits Toyota Tacoma truckers derive from having Bilsteins installed. For one, it helps to soak up the dips and bumps you encounter when riding on unimproved roadways. Your vehicle will not feel skittish once you ride on a bumpy road.

The key reason some folks buys a bilstein shock absorber is the supreme quality it offers and that you can quickly adjust the ride height of your vehicle to a level that works for you. It is very seldom that you come across any hiccups if any at all when having these fitted to your truck. What sets them apart from any other known brand is the firmness of the shocks and the handling ability it affords its owners.

Best of all, once fitted, the Bilstein 5100 shocks vastly improves the riding quality of your vehicle, so you get to experience decreased body rolls when going into a turn. It even happens when you ride off-road.
What else can you expect from high-quality shock absorbers like these. It gets even better when you make your purchase through Wheelers Off Road who provide top quality customer service in terms of pricing, service delivery and shipping your order within 48 hours. What more can a trucker want?

Give a call for more information (541) 474-2879

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Promoting Your Business in Medford with SEO

Promoting Your Business in Medford with SEO

Medford Oregon Cars & Coffee

As many of you know I’m set up in Medford, Oregon for the summer. Putting on events like cars and coffee and enjoying beautiful southern Oregon.
So as an event coordinator and business owner(more than this site) I need to have a handy way of promoting my businesses in the search engines. So this little overview is going over just that. The best company I’ve ever worked with online and how they help my companies dominate the search engines.

For many the internet seem to be very complicated due to countless calculations that go into every single Google search to ensure users get the perfect result for their particular request. Businesses around the world go all out to get a higher page rank and find it hard to keep up with the latest online marketing updates. Fortunately, Medford SEO experts embrace modern technology in that they apply the latest Internet marketing principles to benefit your business.

There are numerous benefits besides ranking top online when you opt for SEO experts such as Moving Mountains.

Think about it for a minute. If your marketing campaigns are set up correctly it will result in fewer expenses and less time wasted. Experts in SEO and online marketing know which marketing channels work best and where to focus their attention to ensure a positive ROI for your business.

They do this through social media platforms, content creation, search engine optimization and various high profile marketing channels that requires very little investment while producing higher profit margins.

SEO vs Good Content

Using the Right Marketing Tools Online

Medford SEO specialists help businesses to define the audience they should be targeting so they can market to people who are most likely interested in the products or services they are offering. It is all about using the proper online marketing tools.

The way it is done is through utilizing various channels such as social media, podcasts, blogs, videos, ebooks, email marketing, white papers and a host of other methods to attract your target market. This way you can quickly identify what is working for your business and what isn’t, then get the experts to do a couple of tweaks to ensure everything is on track.

After all, with the proper business model, the time and commitment required by any business owner will be very low, which frees them to concentrate on running their business. In turn, you need to guard against hiring so-called SEO experts that would end up costing you in the long run in terms of gaining a healthy reputation with the search engines and the trust of your loyal followers.

Search engine optimization done the right way will turn any losing business into a thriving one within a relatively short period. This is what professional SEO in Medford can help you achieve by implementing various online marketing strategies. Also, they employ internet marketing techniques that involve writing top quality content without resorting to bad linking strategies that are seen as black hat SEO. All to reduce your bounce rate.

Ultimately, ranking tops online involves keeping your users happy, which is what Google favor as it keeps their customers coming back to them as the number one search engine. There is no question about it that Google love site owners whose sole mission is to ensure their visitors are happy. Therefore, it is not so much about being technically savvy than it is about keeping your visitors contend with the way you are doing business and the value you provide. The spin-off in doing so will ensure a higher page rank on the search engines.

Why it Makes Sense Opting for Medford SEO Experts

SEO for CompaniesEven though modern search engine optimization is not all that difficult to pull off, there are a few primary ways to ensure your users stay happy and keep returning to your site:

* It starts with offering your site visitors a satisfying on-site experience where your purposes are clear to them, and your site comes across as aesthetically very pleasing. In turn, they should find it easy to navigate their way around, and the site itself should load fast and be accessible on any device.

* Providing good content is key to attracting attention and keeping your visitors on your site long enough for them to make an informed decision about your products or services. Internet marketing specialists often utilize experienced copywriter to ensure your topics are relevant and interesting.

* Be seen as an authority in your niche without taking advantage of sneaky links pointing to other sources. The way to do it is to build relationships with other publishers and outside bloggers by writing good quality content so they would naturally link to your site. In other words, your site needs to be a magnet for natural inbound links that Google would regard as votes to add to your credibility and authority.

* Social media popularity is just as important as it ensures you rank high in organic search results. For instance, if you happen to have at least a 1,000 or more active followers on sites like Twitter, you will be much better off in terms of your page rank. You can view it as the science of internet marketing in that you will establish a presence, regularly engage as well as valuable syndicate content whenever possible. It would be long before your target market would naturally be attracted to your products or services.

* Third-party sites such as TripAdvisor & Yelp will do a lot to build your reputation as a local business of note. Your chances of getting favorable reviews from your customers are so much stronger if you let SEO experts take charge of your marketing strategies and manage your portfolio and branding on your behalf.

At the end of every day, your users need be happy with what they experience on your site, get what they want and enjoy doing business with you. In turn, Google will take note and your business will rank higher on the search engines. If more of your visitors have the same happy experience, then the whole process will be repeated, and your business will rise in popularity.

Moving Mountains offer worry free month to month contracts where you only pay for the results you get. Besides, why should you be forced to do business with SEO companies who do not deliver on their promises and pay them. Furthermore, they do not cut corners by utilizing unethical online marketing methods like black hat SEO. Everything is done in-house. Isn’t time you learn, how you too can rank top online?

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Our New Car Shop = Offline Marketing Mecca

Our New Car Shop = Offline Marketing Mecca

As you guys know we also have new car shop in Medford, Oregon. Yeah running this community isn’t our #1 priority… Its been a beast of an adventure but totally worth it.

Bently Lambo - Medford Oregon

So as we dove into this new world of offline marketing we had to find the best way to present ourselves in a physical location. Luckily we are buddies with Moxley Media, one of the best design screen printing shops in the world. Throughout this adventure we’ve learned some serious stuff about marketing offline and getting people to walk in your doors. Here is a little bit.

All around some of the most important questions any business owner should ask themselves when it comes to offline marketing using products like screen printed banners, billboards or magazines is how to make it work and bring an ROI? Advertising is after all at the crux of any marketing plan, which is why the effective use of vinyl or PVC banners proves to be the ideal solution for generating revenue. In most cases, it serves to drive feet to your store or highlights the importance of your products or services. For this reason, you should go with a professional screen printing firm like Moxley Media.

Screen Printed Banner by Moxley Media

Besides banners, you could also create online ads or ensure your logo is present in all your advertising materials such as your letterheads. As costs of running your business rise, it will certainly pay to look into screen printed banners as an advertising medium rather than more expensive methods of advertising. In essence, banners serve to provide a sense of community and camaraderie as opposed to massive billboards.

Reasons for utilizing banners may include, the simplicity of showcasing your business name, contact number, what your offer is and even a screen printed image of a happy customer.


Therefore, displaying your banner downtown, you are afforded the opportunity of selling your products or services to the majority of popular locations within the Oregon regions. While figuring out who your target market is, do not lose sight of the fact that your Screen Printed Banners need to be of a high quality.

Top quality Medford screen printing companies in Oregon would say that the background color needs to stand out while the text displayed need to be easy to read from a distance. People checking out your banner are often moving about, and they only have a few seconds to make out your marketing message.

To a great extent, it would depend on what season you are in. Spring time would require a brighter background color. Even within a shopping center, brighter colors on the banner would automatically attract the shoppers’ eyes thereby increasing your potential revenues. Winter time a shade of red or blue would be perfect as these colors set the right mood for colder days. Unlike some would say, blue is a neutral color and represents the gray/blue skies that are so typical in winter.

Medford Screen Printing Banners

What Makes Screen Printed Banners Such a Useful Advertising Medium?

Most digitally or screen-printed banners are very strong and durable and often comes with a 1 to 2-year warranty. Also, they have a long lifespan, which will save you loads of money in that you don’t have to replace it too often.

The beauty of banners done by screen printing firms would be the endless design possibilities. Customers seem to enjoy the fact that screen printing is more vibrant and easier to read. Furthermore, digitally clear photographic images make all the difference in terms of attracting more than the usual attention. Not getting carried away with too much detail that will distract from the actual message you want to send out, is key with your digitally printed banners.

Why is Printing So Cost Effective?

When you desire a good size banner that does a good job of attracting eyeballs, your first step would involve getting the artwork set up correctly. Screen printing in Medford with Moxley Media has the necessary expertise to pull this off successfully. They have a team of designers who specialize in custom screen printed banners, stickers, hats as well as shirts.

If you are not in a position to supply high-resolution artwork, then these guys are the ones to call. What is meant by high-resolution artwork? This would be artwork that is designed to accommodate a higher resolution or size that is big enough to meet the needs for the banner you want.

Porsche Wrap Moxley Media

What is Required to Make Digitally Printed Banners?

Most screen printing firms require at least 300 DPI. The higher your resolution, the more dots you’ll find per inch. Overall, it makes life so much easier when it comes to preparing the digitally printed banners. Reason being, each color within a particular design needs to be separated into layers, files or channels. This would depend on the designer doing the separating.

Unfortunately, most people do not have a clue how to create proper high-resolution artwork. But, that is quite okay if you are a client in need of help as the experts at reputed screen printing companies in Oregon have been properly trained in all aspects of screen printed banners and other forms of advertising. You may want to ask them to provide you with step by step tutorials before you attempt to do it yourself.

The type of film being used for the screen printing process would be the same you would see on an overhead projector. It works on the same principal.

A few more processes would be followed such as applying the ink and ensuring the color are matched correctly for the job at hand.

Once everything is ready, the real magic happens. The banners would be put through the run. This can also be done on a manual press in cases of a smaller run for which the ink would be applied by hand through using a squeegee that is specially made for screen printing.

Due to inherent richness, most business owners prefer screen printed banners as the bold colors utilized seem to last forever, which turns out to be extremely cost effective.

What makes banners so popular is the fact that they are timeless and can be pulled down to be used elsewhere without having to make use of new artwork. Another thing is that banners are extremely versatile with regards to how you can use them. It is easy to place it on a pole or attach them to a wall. Also, you can print banners horizontally or vertically.

Now is as good a time as any to make your business stand out from your competitors by opting for screen printed banners, especially if it was made by expert screen printing companies such as Moxley Media whom you can reach by calling 541-601-9053.

<iframe src=”” width=”640″ height=”480″></iframe>

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